Going through a Divorce?

The legal term for divorce is the Dissolution of Marriage. Issues to resolve in the divorce process depend on each situation. In most cases, there are marital assets and debts to divide up and distribute. You will need to classify each one as either community property or separate property. If there are children from marriage, you will need to confront the issues of child custody, support and visitation.

If you are going through a divorce you need an attorney who will guide you through the whole process, Every case is different. Things that need to be considered are the division of assets (and which assets might be considered separate property), and will the house be sold and the proceeds divided, or will one spouse purchase the house from the other spouse. You may also have a spouse claiming support from the other. If there are minor children, you will need to consider who will have custody, who might pay child support, and what kind of child visitation schedule you will have.

These are serious issues that will impact your future. It is imperative to have an experienced attorney working with you to protect your rights.

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When your legal rights are at stake, you need someone on your side to fight for your recovery and your future. If you are seeking a San Diego lawyer who provides quality legal service and who treats his customers as valuable clients, then you have arrived at the right place. I am a San Diego attorney that understands the complications that can arise in a case like yours. As such, I work meticulously to protect your rights during the entire process. I have successfully represented numerous clients throughout San Diego County and can help you too. Call 1-619-206-2056 or email michaelbblack@yahoo.com to schedule your free confidential consultation. Remember there is no obligation.

Going through a Divorce?

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